The “Snow Grudge”

An extremely rare snow-filled day in New Orleans, Dec. 11, 2008

An extremely rare snow-filled day in Uptown New Orleans,  Dec. 11, 2008.
Photo by Chris Graythen/Getty Images

“You owe me snow!” Yes. Yes I do Olivia.

Aren’t all parent-to-child debts structured in this way, long term and complicated? Absolutely. There’s no simple interest here, only daily interest characterized by 2 Gs – a Grudge layered with compounding Guilt.

I introduce Olivia, my oldest daughter, and most favorite 15 year old girl in the entire world. It’s best to establish very specific criteria when referring to each of them to ensure they both get bragging rights as my “favorite” daughter. (Emma recently tricked her grandmother into saying she was her favorite, and in full CIA operative mode, managed to capture it on video – but that’s a story for another day.)

Olivia, in a very giving manner, is always willing to share her position statements, arguments, beliefs, and an accompanying arsenal of explanations, reasons and quick responses (the latter more commonly known throughout society as teenage blame/excuses). Well, her position was quite clear here – I owe her snow. And I do.

It was December 11, 2008 and New Orleans was experiencing a measurable amount of snow, which had only happened 17 times since 1850. Though it was snowing, it was also a work day for this busy professional…and I had 2 meetings in none other than Uptown and Downtown New Orleans – which required traveling right down St. Charles Avenue as seen in the picture above – while it was snowing. My kids, on the other hand, were at school. Well, stuck at school. They had called and asked me to get them out so they could see the snow, but mom was too busy that day. I really wanted to go to the meetings. I couldn’t leave them home alone, so I simply said no as any responsible adult would… and have regretted it since with much help from Olivia.

Emma’s class had originally scheduled a field trip that day that had been canceled due to the weather, so they let those little 2nd graders go outside and experience the snow, as recompense of course. Olivia’s class….not so much. She was relegated to the position of passive observer,  watching from a window in her classroom as the little children, including her younger sister, frolicked outside in the snow for a bit. If that wasn’t enough, her friends’ parents decided to hang me out on the limb alone (this is where she gets that blame thing) and check their kids out of school so they could play at home in the snow. Thanks for having my back guys!

What a horrible experience I put you through Olivia Frances. I’ve been filled with Guilt for years (or injected with it) and finally, this week, it was all about to change. After more than 5 years of being “in the red” with you Olivia, I’m finally able to pay up, so here ya go.  Here’s your snow – the debt has been paid. Sort of. Well, almost. Okay, not at all.

This is all I got baby girl! Some ice still around after midnight.

This is all I got baby girl! Some ice still around after midnight on January 29, 2014.

I mean, it’s not really my fault. I don’t control the weather, right? The meteorologists do, don’t they,  and they were wrong!!! Oh how I thought, prayed and hoped the saga would end this week.

It’s so sad to say that you must return to school tomorrow after these 2 fun-filled “Snow Days”. I love you Olivia. I do owe you snow and I’ll find it. I’ll make it happen!

….and the the Snow Grudge continues…